After the referendum: the way forward for Labour – resolution from Liverpool Momentum

liverpool demo

Liverpool Momentum overwhelmingly passed the following resolution at its packed meeting last week. Shortly afterwards it held a 2,000-strong demonstration in support of Jeremy Corbyn!

The demonstration and the debate on the motion was reported in the Guardian here.

After the referendum – the way forward for Labour

After the referendum vote, the labour movement urgently needs to step up the fight against nationalism, racism and anti-migrant ideas – and build itself up as a political force.

We must begin by defending Jeremy Corbyn, and resisting pressure to accommodate to the right – including on immigration. We will fight to defend and extend migrants’ rights and freedom of movement. Stagnant and falling real wages, the housing crisis, public services stretched to breaking point are caused by the bosses and their government, not migrants. Our answer is working-class unity to win more and better jobs, homes, services and rights for all.

The labour movement should seek to limit the damage of Brexit by campaigning to defend migrants’ and workers’ rights, getting serious about resisting “austerity”, and developing stronger links with workers in Europe and beyond, across borders.

In our fight against nationalist ideas we will stress class politics: the labour movement and Labour Party should organise, represent and fight for working people against capital, in the first instance workers in all their diversity – British and migrant, different ethnicities, blue and white collar, secure and precarious, different levels of formal education, employed and unemployed, all religions and none – building unity around common interests in workplaces, communities and wider society, interests which can cut across divisions of all sorts.

To begin to challenge the long-term, severe, growing social distress on which nationalism has fed, we will agitate for the Labour Party and unions to campaign for an Emergency Plan of clear pro-working class policies on the following lines:

End poverty pay and insecurity, strengthen workers’ rights. Ban zero hours contracts, raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour without exemptions, safeguard and extend any workplace rights at risk from Brexit.

Decent jobs, benefits and services for all. Create two million secure, well paid, environmentally sustainable and useful jobs in the public sector. Fight hard to stop and reverse cuts, privatisation and outsourcing. Increase education funding, fund expansion of community school places. Restore and increase benefits. Cut down inequality.

Decent homes for all. Build hundreds of thousands of council homes a year, refurbish existing stock and stop sell offs. Introduce rent controls and strong tenants’ rights, abolish agency fees, regulate the cowboy private rented sector.

Rescue the NHS. End and reverse privatisation and cuts in the NHS and reinstate a fully public health service funded to meet patients’ needs.

Defend education as a right. Reverse privatisation in the education system. Abolish tuition fees. Write off student debt.

Increase taxes on the rich and bring the banking sector into public ownership to enable us to fund the above measures.

We call on the Momentum National Committee and Momentum groups around the country to encourage Momentum members to raise these ideas in the Labour Party as a basic framework for the programme of a prospective Labour Government resulting from any snap general election which may occur in the next few months.

We call on Momentum groups and local Labour Parties to campaign around these issues in communities and workplaces.