Emergency motion for Labour Parties on defending Corbyn / turning the tide post-referendum

Please move in your branch or CLP.


The referendum vote was a setback for the labour movement and left – but we should not become demoralised or panic.

Immediately we should:
1. Defend our elected leader, arguing against a leadership election and insisting that if one happens Jeremy is on the ballot. [We call on our MP to get behind our leader.]
2. Oppose anti-migrant agitation and defend free movement.

Stagnant and falling real wages, the housing crisis, public services stretched to breaking point have been caused by the rich and employers, and a government loyally serving them, not by migrants. We want unity between workers of all backgrounds to win more and better jobs, homes, services and rights for everyone.

For too long the idea that there is a problem with immigration, as opposed to inequality, deprivation, austerity, etc, has been allowed to go unchallenged.

We should seek to limit the damage of Brexit by defending migrants’ and workers’ rights, stepping up the fight against austerity, and building stronger links with workers in Europe and beyond.

To tackle the long-term, severe, growing social distress on which nationalism has fed, the party should campaign for an Emergency Plan of pro-working class policies like: ban zero hours contacts, raise the minimum wage, empower unions; reverse cuts and privatisation and fund the creation of good jobs, education, services and benefits; build council houses, introduce rent controls, strengthen tenants’ rights; rescue the NHS by reinstating a fully public health service funded to meet need…

These things are affordable if we take back the wealth the rich have gained at our expense. The party should argue to tax the rich and take the banks into public ownership.

Labour and the unions need to get on a war footing, and get out in communities and workplaces arguing for unity to win these kind of demands. We will do that locally.

The CLP will issue a statement on these lines.