Motion for branches and CLPs on the refugee crisis

On 14 September a 34 strong meeting of Beeston North branch Labour Party in Nottinghamshire passed the following resolution. It will go forward to Broxtowe CLP.

“We openly condemn the government’s failure to take compassionate action in relation to the largest migration crisis since World War 2 and the pressure that continues to exert on the EU. Over 2,500 have died in the Mediterranean this year. Literally millions of people are experiencing being stateless, homeless and hungry for months and years.

“We call on members to join in with the vibrant and spontaneous national and local campaigns that are aiming to give relief to those people in desperate need.

“We support, and we call on members to campaign for, an end to the inhuman ban on movement of refugees and migrants to this country.

“We demand that the government creates an emergency fund to government and local government agencies that will allow them to provide the necessary support to house, feed and provide with work those refugees who wish to move here and meet both their international as well as their local humanitarian responsibilities.

“We demand that the government co-operates with other governments within the EU to ensure that the necessary support for these desperate migrants is shared across Europe fairly and not offloaded on the poorer countries within the EU.”