Motion for branches and CLPs on “An open Labour Party”

On 14 September, a 34-strong meeting of Beeston North branch Labour Party in Nottinghamshire passed the following resolution. It will go forward to Broxtowe CLP.

Could you put the same or a similar motion in your branch or CLP?

“This branch/ CLP believes that there should be no infringement on the rights of free speech and free criticism within the Labour Party.

“There should be no ban on memberships of campaigns or organisations as long as they are not campaigning against the election of a Labour government or Labour councils.

“The only acceptable limitation on membership of the Party, other than the exclusion of known and unrepentant former members of neo-Fascist organizations, is that people who join or are members or supporters commit to support Labour candidates in future elections. Earlier electoral activity is of no importance.

“We call on the CLP to welcome in any supporter and member prepared to make such a commitment and will not implement any bar placed at national level on their local membership and support.”