Order Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory posters and leaflets

The SCLV has produced materials for campaigning in the run up to the General Election.

Our migrants’ rights campaign leaflet

10 posters is £3 including postage.

100 leaflets is £3 including postage.

Obviously you can buy more copies by choosing multiple purchases. If you don’t specify, we will send a selection of stuff. If you have specific requests (have a look at all materials available below) include a note when you purchase or send us an email at socialistcampaign@gmail.com

Leaflet (introductory): Throw out the Tories – fight for our demands (A5)
Leaflet: Immigration is not the problem – the rich are (A5)
Leaflet: SCLV basic statement, demands and supporters form (A4)
Poster: Capitalism serves the rich – Fight for socialism
Poster: Throw out the Tories – Make the labour movement fight
Poster: Stop the cuts – Tax the rich – Expropriate the banks
Poster: For a government which serves the working clas
Poster: Don’t blame migrants – Blame the rich – Demand jobs and services for all
(All posters are A3.)